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PIC updates, expands online training resource for new poultry workers

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Program for new poultry workers updated and three new modules added.

The Poultry Industry Council (PIC) has updated its Poultry Pro online training resource for poultry workers and has also added three new modules, called Poultry Pro Plus.

Poultry Pro and Poultry Pro Plus are intended to give new poultry workers a comprehensive overview of barn environment, feed and water, breeder and disease management, and animal welfare, in all commercial poultry.

The Business Development Centre (BDC) of Ridgetown College hosts and manages the content.


“Through the support of the Canadian Agricultural Partnership funding program, we were able to do a deep dive into the resource to ensure the content was still up to date and meeting industry’s need,” says PIC executive director Ashley Honsberger. “Through industry consultation we’ve expanded the content to include modules that look through the lens of the poultry Codes of Practice, which are foundational to building a culture of animal welfare in new poultry workers.”

Originally created in 2013, a range of industry experts provided the content for Poultry Pro on a voluntary basis. Industry volunteers reviewed this current iteration and animal welfare specialist Jennifer Woods created the new Poultry Pro Plus content.

The resource provides a deep learning experience and, as such, the content is robust and can take upwards of 25 hours to complete. Additional materials such as management guides, videos, knowledge checks and quizzes, reading references and articles ensure participants are engaging with the subject and really doing the work to earn a certificate of completion.

“Online training is an incredibly accessible resource which makes it a great approach to reaching a wide geography of learners,” Honsberger says. “We receive inquiries from across Canada and beyond because this training offers a complete review of poultry management in a practical way.”

Poultry Pro and Poultry Pro Plus are now available on the BDC website for an affordable fee. Certificate holders from the previous two years will be automatically registered free of charge.

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