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2014 Canadian Poultry Sustainability award winners announced

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Levi Hofer of New York Colony is the grand prize winner and winner of the table egg category.  Jamie Brock (L) accepted for Four Corners Poultry Ltd., winner of the broiler breeder category.

October 31, 2014 – Canadian Poultry Magazine is pleased to announce the winners of the 2014 Canadian Poultry Sustainability award.

The awards were given out at the Canadian Poultry Sustainability Symposium, held at the Hanlon Convention Centre in Guelph, Ont. October 29th.



The award was created to recognize Canadian poultry farmers for their commitment to sustainability.  Farmers were encouraged to apply and his or her operation was assessed based on the three pillars of sustainable farming: the use of practices that protect and improve the health and welfare of animals, protecting and minimizing the impact of farming practices on the environment, and advancing the economic and social well-being of the farm family and their surrounding communities.

To be eligible, a farmer or business has to have quota and have an up to date nutrient and manure management plan developed in accordance with applicable provincial programs. An individual farmer could nominate him or herself or be nominated by a third party and at least two letters of recommendations had to accompany the application.  One of these letters had to be from an agricultural or environmental professional, and the other from a neighbor, fellow producer, community leader or organization.

Applicants were also encouraged to submit supporting documentation to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability practices.

A panel of judges reviewed the applications received and decided on the winner of the award as a group.  These judges are poultry professionals from across Canada and farms were assessed for their use of innovative and efficient technologies, dedication and adherence to animal care, financial viability and community outreach.  The judges were looking for farms that understand that sustainability is the “whole package” of looking after the birds, farm, and people to maintain both the viability of the farm and the industry as a whole.

Five category awards (table egg, broiler, broiler breeder, turkey and pullet) were available and the overall grand prize winner was chosen from the category winners.

Although applications were received for the broiler and turkey categories, the judges felt that these applicants did not meet eligibility requirements or did not provide enough information for them to feel comfortable making a decision on stated sustainability practices.

Mr. Hofer is the egg manager at New York Colony, located in Lethbridge, Alberta.  Jamie Brock accepted the award for Four Corners Poultry Ltd., which he co-owns with his father David. The operation is located in Staffa, Ont. 

Each winner received $1000, a plaque and a farm gate sign.  As grand prize winner, Mr. Hofer also received an additional $1000 plus a wall plaque. 

More information on the winners will be available in the December 2014 issue of Canadian Poultry. 



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