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A moment in the spotlight

An Italian photo series showcases 100 different chicken breeds.

April 24, 2018
By Canadian Poultry magazine


Two Italian photographers recently published a photographic project about chickens, a collectable coffee table book that showcases more than 100 diverse breeds.

“We felt like the chickens had been waiting for their moment in the spotlight,” said Moreno Monti. Monti and Matteo Tranchellini are a proffesional photography team and have worked together in Milano for the past twenty plus years, collaborating on countless advertising campaigns.

In 2013 the pair decided to search for a Concincina hen as a pet for their studio garden. After attending an aviary exhibition, they became fascinated by the beauty of birds. A photography project was born and soon lead to a photo collection of more than 200 pictures of 100 diverse breeds of chickens.

The CHICken series was photographed in Italy at the Milano aviary exhibition. Many of the breeders were worried that the birds were not posed according to the breed standard. However, the photographers wanted to capture the birds in their natural state of being. For more information, visit: Follow the project on Instagram: @chicken_ph