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American Coolair Fan Upgrades Offer High Efficiency

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phpop1kz6pmAmerican Coolair announces a major upgrade of the cast aluminum blade fan models NBCB-52 and the FGBCB-52 fans, including a new larger diameter fan disc/pulley and installation of four single-row radial ball bearings in the new disc, giving these fans the longest bearing life in the industry.

"Customers are getting the best of best worlds – very efficient fans, but also very durable, too,” said Mark Fales, sales manager.

The unique Coolair design allows the disc to rotate on a static shaft much like the wheel on an axle.  This design reduces the load on the bearings because the shaft does not turn.  The fan discs – previously 9.4 inches in diameter – are now 11.6 inches. The larger disc also means a longer fan belt and a larger motor pulley, reducing belt slippage by increasing the belt's contact area.


With air circulation already a vital concern among poultry growers, the popular 52” American Coolair fan upgrades are projected to further set the industry standard for efficiency and low maintenance.

For more information call 904/389-3646, write P.O. Box 2300, Jacksonville, Fla. 32203, or e-mail .

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