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Aviagen North America announces Flock Award recipients

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Program recognizes top-performing Ross breeder customers.

Aviagen North America has announced this year’s Flock Award winners.

The company hosts the awards each year to recognize star breeder performance.

The 2021 Flock awards saw breeder scores of 187.29 Total Eggs per Hen Housed (TE/HH), 180.21 Hatching Eggs per HH, 85.99 per cent Hatchability, and 149.95 Chicks per HH (all to 65 weeks).


“We are proud of our Flock Award winners. They represent the best of the best among North American breeder farmers. Due to their hard work, skill and passion for their birds, they are a shining example to breeder growers throughout the continent. These scores will also give our customers a benchmarking tool, providing opportunity for future improvement,” says Randall Vickery, regional technical manager for Aviagen North America.

Marc de Beer, president of Aviagen North America, adds, “Our valued customers in North America continue to impress, with their year-on-year breeder achievements. On behalf of Aviagen North America, I congratulate this year’s Flock Award winners. And look forward to helping them and customers throughout the region achieve continued success.”

Categories of excellence
The company’s latest awards are based on 2021 flock results. The Aviagen breeders include the Ross 708 and Ross 308, and Ross 308 AP.

Categories include:

  • Top Egg Producer represents the highest number of eggs per hen housed to 65 weeks
  • Top Hatching Eggs is the largest number of hatching eggs per hen housed to 65 weeks
  • Top Hatch recognizes the greatest hatchability (based on a percentage) to 65 weeks
  • Top Chicks awards the most chicks produced per hen housed to 65 weeks

To be considered for a Flock Award, a farm complex must send in all records of depleted flocks for the previous year, with a minimum requirement of six flocks.

2021 Flock Award winners
Many of the latest Ross 708, 308 and 308 AP Flock Award recipients are repeat winners from 2020. They include:

Ross 708 Gold and Silver

Ross 308 Gold and Silver

Ross 308 AP Gold and Silver

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