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Aviagen unveils commitments to breeding sustainably

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Interactive presentation illustrates company's sustainability priorities.

In a newly released interactive presentation, Aviagen illustrates the synergy between its sustainability commitments and the five United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) prioritized by the International Poultry Council (IPC).

The “Committed to Breeding Sustainability” presentation explains how Aviagen puts the five SDGs chosen by the IPC into practice by zooming in on each of its Top 5 Commitments, which include:

  1. Health, food safety and food security (SDG2: Zero Hunger; 3: Good health and well-being; and 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure). Aviagen is committed to ensuring a safe and secure supply of healthy birds to help feed a growing population, thus reducing hunger and improving the well-being and prosperity of people around the world.
  2. Biodiversity (SDG2: Zero Hunger). Aviagen provides a sustainable supply of breeding stock from parallel pedigree programs with large diverse gene pools.
  3. Balanced breeding programs (SDG2: Zero Hunger; 9: Good health and well-being; 13: Climate action). Responsible, balanced breeding strengthens bird health, welfare, efficiency and performance.
  4. Importance of management and stockmanship (SDG 2: Zero Hunger and 4: Quality education). Aviagen works side-by-side with customers, sharing the latest best management practices to help them get the best from their birds.
  5. Transparency, communication and engagement (SDG4 4: Quality education and 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure). Members of the global food supply chain cooperate and collaborate to put sustainability into practice and to attract the next generation of poultry people.

The presentation includes colorful illustrations, interactive elements and selectable icons to enable the reader to delve deeper into the Top 5 Commitments and SDGs and find out how Aviagen demonstrates them.


“Aviagen and the IPC share a commitment to breeding welfare and sustainability, and the SDGs identified by the IPC are integral to our Top 5 corporate commitments. By fulfilling these commitments, we join the UN in their mission to create a better and brighter future for all,” says Aviagen CEO Jan Henriksen.

Anne-Marie Neeteson, vice president of welfare and compliance for Aviagen Group, adds: “Our Top 5 Commitments go hand-in-hand with the three pillars of sustainability. They play a part in eliminating hunger and thus promoting global health and well-being (social pillar), advance the success of producers (economic pillar) and preserve the planet for future generations (environmental pillar).”

Check out the new Committed to Breeding Sustainability presentation here.

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