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Barn Spotlight: Rose Valley Colony

By Brett Ruffell   

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New enriched barn embraces automation.

Rose Valley Colony’s egg farm is the first in Canada to install an Ovoconcept palatizing robot, which works hand-in-hand with a Volker egg packing machine. PHOTO CREDIT: kaiser ag solutions

Location: Assiniboia, Sask.

Sector: Layers

The colony
The Rose Valley Colony, located near Verwood, Sask., was founded in 1986. The colony produces eggs, which it sells to Star Eggs, under the guidance of farm manager Sam Kleinsasser. 


The need
The colony’s conventional housing system was aging and would have to eventually be replaced with alternative housing to be in step with the code of practice. What’s more, it was near capacity and, thus, unable to accommodate growth as quota increases came. In addition, the colony wanted to find ways to make running the farm less labour intensive. 

The barn
Working with Kaiser Ag Solutions, the colony built a new barn last year. It features Kaiser’s KPS enriched system. One of the highlights of the system is there are no obstructions, which helps to avoid collisions and, thus, cracks. It also has a unique egg timing and escalator system to reduce downgrades. In addition, standard in each system are LED lights that illuminate the scratch areas to prevent eggs from being laid there. What’s more, the system is fully modular. So, producers can add tiers in the future if need be, which is something the colony is considering. In terms of automation, the colony installed a Volker egg packing machine and paired that with an Ovoconcept palatizing robot, making it the first farm in Canada to use the system. 

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