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B.C.’s Vitala Foods launches world’s first eggs that provide 100% DV of Vitamin D

November 2, 2012
By Vitala Foods


November 2, 2012 – Vitala Foods celebrated Vitamin D Day today with the launch of the new Vita D Sunshine Eggs, the world’s first eggs to provide 100 per cent daily value of vitamin D in a single egg.

Hundreds of Vancouverites received their daily dose of “sunshine” from the Vita D Sunshine crew who were giving away complimentary Vita D Sunshine breakfast burritos from the Vita D Sunshine food truck in downtown Vancouver.

The new specialty eggs are produced by giving the hens an all natural, plant based feed, rich in vitamin D. The eggs contain 200 IUs, the current daily value set by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, which is the equivalent of 7 regular eggs.

In Canada, vitamin D deficiency is common and can be attributed to a lack of year-round sunshine, especially from November to April when there is insufficient UVB to initiate natural vitamin D production in the skin. Inspire Health first launched Vitamin D Day in Vancouver in 2009 and the event has since grown to include cities all over the world.

“We’re so pleased to be able to make getting your daily dose of vitamin D more convenient and more accessible than ever,” said Bill Vanderkooi, President of Vitala Foods. “The Vita D Sunshine Eggs are not only a healthy option, they’re also the most affordable speciality eggs on the market.”

The Vitamin D Day event included presentations by Bill Vanderkooi, President of Vitala Foods; Dr. Cletus D’Souza, Director of Research at Inspire Health and Kelly Spec, Registered Dietitian and founder of Spectrum Nutrition.

“Several research studies have indicated that vitamin D not only prevents cancer but can also impact cancer treatment, said Dr. Cletus D’Souza, Director of Research at Inspire Health, an integrated cancer care clinic with locations throughout BC. “It does so in the role of an anti-inflammatory compound with a variety of anti-cancer effects.”

In addition to cancer, the research has shown that vitamin D offers widespread health benefits including reducing the risk of osteoporosis and multiple sclerosis while benefiting those with high blood pressure, diabetes and depression.

The new Vita D Sunshine Eggs are available at Urban Fare, Save on Foods, Cooper’s Foods, PriceSmart Foods and Choices Markets throughout BC at the suggested retail price of $3.49 a dozen.