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Canarm acquires Faromor

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Move provides strategic competitive advantage, company says.

Canarm Ltd. has acquired Faromor Ltd., a leading manufacturer of natural ventilation systems based in Shakespeare, Ont. 

The two companies have shared a close relationship over the years.

This move provides Canarm AgSystems, a business unit of Canarm Ltd. in Brockville, Ont., with a huge strategic competitive advantage.


“By acquiring Faromor, we gain the necessary resources to solidify our position as a global leader in innovative ventilation solutions for the agricultural industry,” said CanArm from a statement.

“Not only will we be able to offer more comprehensive and complete ventilation packages, but our newly combined, dedicated group of industry experts will now be able to anticipate, develop and supply advanced ventilation solutions for livestock producers in all agricultural sectors.”

Faromor has a history dating back to 1978 when it began manufacturing and marketing natural ventilation systems for the agricultural industry. 

The company has become successful by strongly promoting and emphasizing product development, improvement and continually adding to their product offering.

Canarm AgSystems is an Arthur, Ont., based manufacturer of ventilation, housing and technology solutions for barns. 

It has been a supplier to hog, dairy and poultry farmers for 80 years, providing animal-housing solutions from the simplest penning to the most technologically advanced systems.

“We are excited for this step forward in our vision to become a recognized leader in agricultural ventilation serving the dairy, swine, poultry and other agricultural markets and providing a proven solution for any farm anywhere,” said the company.

Faromor will continue to operate from their Shakespeare, Ont., facility with the same people.

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