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Chilliwack chicken farmer looks for a kinder, gentler image

By The Chilliwack Progress   

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Broiler producer says abuse is not the norm and makes no sense ethically and economically.

June 27, Chilliwack, B.C. – The recent news reports of chicken catchers caught on video abusing birds at a Chilliwack broiler farm prompted disgust across the country and within the agriculture industry.

The Chicken Farmers of Canada called the Mercy for Animals undercover footage “shocking and reprehensible,” and the company at the centre of the allegations said they were “sickened” by the images.

But what about the good things that go on at farms across the Fraser Valley?


One local farmer put out a request for the media to report on the positive side of his business. Ron Neels runs Corona Farms in Rosedale, and he sent photos of his two-year-old son Scott happily hanging out with about 17,000 content-looking broiler chickens in his barn. READ MORE

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