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DosaCart: The New Plug-and-Play Portable Sanitizing System

August 21, 2008
By Dosatron


phpn3ryqqpmNEW PRODUCT

DosaCart: The New Plug-and-Play Portable Sanitizing System 
To prevent or cure contamination
in poultry houses, pig barns and pig nurseries, sanitation and
medication are essential; but a smart and quick response to outbreaks
is indispensable.

phpn3ryqqpmThe new DosaCart, a portable chemical dispensing system, is your front-line tool to aide in protecting your business and your stock.


With the DosaCart, you can dilute and spray or foam your chemicals at the point of application. Specially designed for Dosatron water powered injectors and medicators, the new DosaCart system can be used for sanitation or medication. It has all the great benefits and advantages of Dosatron products: proportional, on-demand dispensing, economical, non electric.

Made out of polyethylene, its 15 gallon tank can deliver up to 7,500 gallons of finished solution at 500:1 or 1,920 gallons at 128:1. Easy to maneuver, the DosaCart is also very simple to maintain with a drain valve for flushing and cleaning.

With the Quick Hook-Up Kit, the installation of your Dosatron unit is very easy. For extra protection, a crash bar helps to protect your Dosatron from damage.

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