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EFO developing quota transfer system

By Egg Farmers of Ontario   

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Jun. 10, 2013, Mississauga, ON – The Egg Farmers of Ontario (EFO) have decided to launch an electronic quota transfer system to provide a new and improved quota market mechanism for its farmers in 2014.

Beginning in early 2014, buyers and sellers of Ontario egg and pullet quota will conduct transfers through a transparent and accessible electronic transfer system rather than through direct private sales arrangements.

“The EFO board made the decision at its June meeting following extensive discussions and research into a variety of potential options including similar existing transfer methods already in place in British Columbia, Manitoba and Quebec,” said EFO Chair Scott Graham.


“EFO will be consulting extensively with egg and pullet farmers over the next few months to design the details of a made-in-Ontario quota transfer system that works for our farmers,” Graham added.

All Ontario egg and pullet quota holders were informed by mail and email on June 6 about the decision. They were also advised that, until the new quota transfer system is operating, the EFO board has instituted a moratorium on egg and pullet quota transfers to allow for an orderly implementation of the new process.

Graham said the decision to introduce an organized market for quota follows two years of discussion and consultations with farmers. “Discussions about potential ways to improve the method of transferring Ontario egg and pullet quotas have been underway since 2011,” Graham said. “Farmers said the lack of opportunity and lack of information about private quota sales means they find it is becoming more difficult to purchase quota without having to go through egg and pullet industry service representatives.”

Based on feedback from farmers during the last two years that Ontario needs a more effective market for quota transfers, the EFO board decided that farmers need a regularly-scheduled market where all buyers and sellers are guaranteed access to participate on fair and equal terms. “All buyers and sellers will benefit from the accessibility of an effective, organized market mechanism co-ordinated in a transparent way by a third-party organization,” Graham said.

Now that the decision has been made to launch a new quota transfer system, EFO will be working with farmers to develop details of the new system, Graham said. “EFO will be consulting with egg and pullet farmers over the next few months to make sure the system works for our members,” he said.  “To make this happen, the criteria surrounding the quota transfer system will be the subject of meetings to be held in late summer and early fall.”

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