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Egg Farmers of Canada seeks to inspire Canadians with the best egg-related recipes and decorating tips for Easter. CNW Group/Egg Farmers of Canada.

Mar. 27, 2013, Ottawa, ON – Eggs are symbolic of Easter and with it right around the corner, Canadians across the country are decorating, celebrating and enjoying Canadian eggs. As they engage in family traditions and celebrations, the more than one thousand Canadian egg farmers are showing their pride in every egg and encouraging Canadians to make theirs Canada Grade ‘A.’

Many Canadians may not know how all those eggs get to their table; they can thank a uniquely Canadian system called “supply management,” which enables access to high-quality, fresh eggs, usually from a farm very close by.

Supply management is just how it sounds. The more than 1,000 egg farmers across Canada work together to make sure Canadians get what they want—eggs that are high-quality, fresh, produced with care, and best of all, Canadian.  “Time and time again research shows that Canadians want fresh, high-quality, local Canadian eggs – and Canadian farmers are ready to serve,” said Peter Clarke, Chairman of Egg Farmers of Canada. “Our recent advertising campaign talked about our ‘pride in every egg.’ But, Canadians should also take pride buying those eggs, knowing that they are supporting local egg farmers,” he added.


To celebrate the benefits of the system of supply management and to celebrate spring, Egg Farmers of Canada are providing tips for everything from egg decorating to recipes for Sunny Egg Faces and Chocolate Bunny Bread.

Entertaining and Egg Decorating Tips

With endless colour combinations and many different ways to decorate, making colourful eggs can be as easy or as intricate as you choose, making it a perfect activity for all ages and skill levels. From a simple egg dyed one colour, to ornate and delicate patterns, Easter eggs are as unique as the people that create them. So get inspired and create memories your family will cherish.

Celebrating Fresh Canadian Eggs

Turn up the fun factor in your kitchen this Easter by taking a crack at some new recipes and getting your family egg-cited to try new foods!

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