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Egg Farmers of Alberta launch Sustainability Report

By Egg Farmers of Alberta   

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February 25, 2014 – The Egg Farmers of Alberta (EFA) launched news of the publication of its inaugural Sustainability Report at its recent annual meeting in Red Deer, Alberta.  The report is the first of its kind for Canada’s egg industry. The report is the culmination of EFA’s efforts throughout 2014 to develop a comprehensive sustainability strategy, which was done in collaboration with The Prasino Group and Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. 

Sustainable egg production is at the heart of EFA’s sustainability strategy, which Alberta’s egg farmers have defined as being socially responsible, environmentally sound and economically viable. To better tell the EFA story, key pillars emerged from the sustainability strategy: healthy birds, healthy eggs, and healthy farms & communities. The pillars encompass all that EFA does as an organization and as the Alberta egg industry. 

“It’s not just what we’re saying, it’s what egg farmers do every day,” says EFA General Manager Susan Gal. “Healthy Birds reflects our animal care program, Healthy Eggs relates to our food safety program and Healthy Farms & Communities highlights our important environmental program and the work we do to support communities.” 


A successful and sustainable Alberta egg industry is dedicated to the triple-bottom-line and is committed to continuous improvement. EFA is proud to unveil the Sustainability Report, which celebrates EFA’s pioneering spirit by highlighting the many historic achievements and milestones that have helped shape the Canadian egg industry. It also reports on a variety of metrics for each pillar, with some showcasing the progress EFA has made over the past few years, while others establish new benchmarks that will enable EFA to track progress in the years to come. EFA’s Sustainability Report is intended to be an annual report card for the organization, the farmers, the industry and consumers. 

Susan Schafers, Chair of EFA’s Board of Directors, summarized the importance of EFA’s sustainability strategy and motivation for developing the Sustainability Report. “Consumers want to know where their food comes from, and it’s up to us as farmers to engage with them.” 


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