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Employment trends differ in rural and urban ON

July 30, 2013
By Rural Ontario Institute


Jul. 30, 2013 – Three new Focus on Rural Ontario fact sheets have been released that focus on employment-related information, job growth/decline and the Aboriginal Identity population in Ontario. Based on Statistics Canada data, these fact sheets highlight the changing dynamics of rural Ontario’s population, communities and economies.
“There are some important challenges highlighted in these Focus on Rural Ontario fact sheets, such as the new and recent trend of non-metro employment rates shrinking over the last 10 months, even while urban employment has grown,” says Janet Horner, Rural Ontario Institute Board Chair. “Some interesting, and maybe surprising information outlined here is that about half the Aboriginal Identity population lives in large, southern Ontario cities.  At the same time, some rural areas in southern Ontario actually have an aboriginal identity population larger than many northern census divisions.”   
Focus on Rural Ontario fact sheets highlight challenges that can help rural economies adapt to changes and trends.
All 12 Focus on Rural Ontario fact sheets are available at