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From the Editor: December 2012

Kristy Nudds   

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We’re Celebrating in 2013

Next year marks the 100th anniversary of Canadian Poultry!

To celebrate, we’ve created a special section on our website ( where we are publishing articles from the past 100 years to provide our readers with our history and the history of the Canadian poultry industry.  

We started out as the Pigeons, Poultry and Petstock Journal of the West, evolving into Canadian Poultry World, then Canada Poultryman, and now Canadian Poultry.


Throughout our century of publishing, the farmer has always been the focus of this magazine, and we’ve striven to provide the most up-to-date information and to be a useful tool for Canadian poultry farmers. This is something we will continue to do for the next 100 years.

Looking through our archives has been a fascinating journey of discovery of how the industry has evolved. We’ve published articles on genetic breakthroughs, the discovery of anticoccidials, advances in equipment, the first fast food poultry in Canada, advancements in feed technologies and ingredients, the creation of our marketing boards and the adoption of on-farm food safety. The industry has come a long way and so has the magazine!  

Perhaps what has changed the most is the role of the farmer during the last century. In the first half of the century, the poultryman was literally on his own. However, the discovery of anticoccidials allowed for commercial rearing of poultry.

Since then, science- and industry-related companies and service staff have played increasingly more important roles in assisting the farmer in rearing poultry. Poultry production has become a partnership with other members of the Canadian industry acting with the farmer to place, rear and market safe poultry products for the Canadian consumer.

We encourage you to visit our 100th anniversary website to read articles from the past and to share your thoughts, comments and stories of your and your family’s involvement in the industry. The website will be updated continually over the next year, so check back often.

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