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We've got a new look

We’ve got a new look

Notice something different?  If you didn’t realize it by looking at the cover you’re sure to notice some significant changes and improvements throughout the pages of this month’s magazine.

We’re proud to present to you a newly redesigned magazine that has an up-to-date look and that is more reader-friendly.  The changes we’ve made reflect our desire and commitment to better serve our most important asset – our readers.  Over the past few months our art department has been working diligently to incorporate these new changes while enhancing the magazine’s visual appeal.


Our goal was to improve both the utility and overall appearance of the magazine.  New font styles were chosen that are easier on the eyes and make longer articles more accessible. Putting ourselves in your shoes, we came up with a layout that allows articles to be continued seamlessly from page to page, so that you don’t have to flip through pages to find the continuation or end of an article that interests you.

The news is now at the front of the magazine and has been divided into different sections.  In place of our former “state of the industry” section, now we’ll feature a top news item on the first page and focus more on news from the Canadian poultry industry, Canadian agriculture and other Canadian livestock industries that can have an impact on your business. And, of course, we’ll still feature important news and developments from other countries and organizations.  To keep abreast of new developments, I encourage you to visit our website ( on a regular basis.  We regularly post news from Canada and around the world that may be of interest to you but that may be too time-sensitive to include in the magazine (recent AI outbreaks in Asia and Europe), or that may only interest certain groups (mergers/acquisitions of businesses). 

Other new features include identifying the subject matter of articles with various category names, such as health, nutrition, processing, new technology, energy, etc. to help you identify quickly what a particular article will be focusing on.  Our table of contents page now also allows for quick review of articles and where to find them.

We’ve also added a new column to the magazine called “Building Bridges” that will be included on a bi-monthly basis.  This column will allow groups and individuals who are bridging the gap between industry, government, and producers to communicate their efforts with our readers.  Our plan in the next few months is to continue sharpening our focus by adding new elements and contributors to the magazine to help you in your daily operations and to inform you of what’s happening in the industry.

I hope you enjoy reading this inaugural issue.  I’m sure you’ll find it a more easier read and that it still offers the same quality information you’ve come to expect from Canadian Poultry Magazine. n

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