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It’s the end of an era

It’s the end of an era

For many of you, Tony Greaves has long been a familiar and constant figure in this magazine.  Maybe you know him personally, or have had the opportunity to meet him at various meetings over the years.  Perhaps you know him only as the witty columnist on the back pages who adds a personal flair to his writing.    

This is Tony’s last issue as a columnist and contributing editor.  He will be missed, but certainly not forgotten.


Turn to the first story in this issue and you’ll understand what I mean.  One can only hope to be as revered as he is at the end of a career. 

Tony has truly made a difference in this industry and to the readers of the magazine.  When I asked fellow contributing editor Jim Knisley to prepare a tribute article on Tony, we discussed how to best describe a man who has contributed so much.  It was not an easy task.

It wasn’t a surprise to us that when asked to provide a few words about Tony and his contributions, representatives from the national boards and the Poultry Industry Council were more than willing to do so.     

Their eloquent tributes portray a man who has touched the lives of many in the Canadian poultry industry. 

He hasn’t just been a contributor and editor of this magazine, he’s been a champion for the industry as well.  He was one of the early wrestlers in the fight for supply management, and has remained a staunch supporter and advocate for the well being of both producers and the industry. 

In some ways I am envious of Tony; he’s seen the industry change and grow to what it is today.  He was part of the industry during its struggle, and has watched it prosper. 

It’s his wealth of experience that has touched me the most.  I’ve enjoyed reading through past issues, admiring his comments and insight.

Although we have never had the opportunity to meet in person, Tony has never been far away.  He teased me this winter with beautiful photos of his garden, with flowers blooming weeks earlier than they would here in Ontario.  These e-mail messages were signed with a devilish ha ha!  It put a smile on my face but I was left longing for the return of a greener landscape. 

His writing (and communication with me) expresses a love of family, his province, and the poultry industry.  I have truly enjoyed reading his columns, and have always looked forward to receiving them.  

For many, including myself, his columns have portrayed his wit and wisdom, and we walk away with a new way of looking at a topic, and had a darn good time doing it. 

Being editor of this magazine is an incredibly rewarding job for me, but I couldn’t imagine doing it without a computer and a production artist.  Quite a bit of preparation goes on behind the scenes; acquiring material, interviews, gathering photos, attending various functions and meetings and putting everything together within a rigid timeframe. 

The fact that Tony, along with his wife Claudia and support staff put each monthly issue together by hand is another reason to admire him even more.  

I’ve relished Tony’s advice, because I know that it comes from a wisdom that will take years for me to obtain.  His first piece of advice to me – and the greatest – was telling me to get out there and meet as many people as I can.  After all, it’s the people that make the industry what it is.  He’s known that all along. 

Congratulations to you Tony, and best wishes for your retirement.  

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