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Further Poultry Processors Association announces board of directors and officers

May 26, 2016
By Further Poultry Processors Association


May 24, 2016 – At its 31st annual meeting held in Toronto last week, the Further Poultry Processors Association of Canada (FPPAC) elected the following Board of Directors and Officers:

Chairman                                 Blair Shier, J.D. Sweid

Vice-Chair                                Ian Hesketh, Intercity Packers

Secretary-Treasurer                 Jamie Falcao, Maple Leaf Foods

Board of Directors:

Blair Shier                               J.D. Sweid

Don Kilimnik                            DC Foods

Ian Hesketh                             Intercity Packers

Jamie Falcao                           Maple Leaf Foods

Mike Haworth                          Maple Lodge Farms

Kevin Thompson                      Sargent Farms

Betty Dikeos                            D & D Poultry

Yvan Brodeur                           Olymel

Paul Murphy                            Maxi Canada



CFC Rep:     Ian Hesketh, Intercity Packers                               

CFC Alternate: Don Kilimnik, DC Foods

TFC Rep/TMAC/Supply Policy: Keith Hehn, Golden Valley Farms

TFC Alternate: Ed Miner, Zadi Foods

TQAC Chicken Rep     Ian Hesketh, Intercity Packers

TQAC Alternate         Ed Lamers, Tillsonburg Foods

TQAC Turkey             Robert de Valk, FPPAC General Manager