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Hubbard announces $20M R&D investment

Brett Ruffell   

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Chesterfield Farm: renovation of one of the pedigree layer houses has recently been completed.

Breeding company Hubbard has announced plans to expand and upgrade its Walpole, N.H., research and development (R&D) operations.

Representing an investment of $20 million, the project will mean an increase in capabilities and capacity, as well as improvement in performance, biosecurity and innovation, along with bird health and welfare.

Work will commence immediately, with completion slated for mid-2022.


The company expects this investment will strengthen service and supply to its worldwide customers, including in Canada, amid a growing demand for its breeding stock.

The project will enable Hubbard to enhance its breeding program with the very latest leading technological innovations, and expand its R&D capabilities, as well as egg storage, hatchery, and chick processing capacities.

The investment will also include a new R&D grow-out farm called “Centennial Farm” in honour of Hubbard’s 100-year anniversary.

The project will be completed in five phases.

Phase 1 includes the construction of a state-of-the-art feed conversion research farm, enabling continuous improvement of the rate at which feed is converted to live body weight.

Progress in FCR contributes greatly to environmental sustainability as well as profitability for poultry businesses.

During the next two phases, an R&D grow farm will be built on recently purchased land, while an existing R&D grow-out farm will be renovated.

These facilities will enable Hubbard to protect the health and safety of its flocks by further strengthening its rigorous biosecurity program.

Phase 4 will see the expansion of the Walpole R&D hatchery with the latest incubation and hatchery technology, and the final stage will be to upgrade lay houses of the existing farms with the latest ventilation, lighting and equipment technologies.

“Through continuous innovation, improvement and global expansion, our goal at Hubbard is to fulfill our mission to provide the world’s growing population with a valuable source of protein,” says Olivier Rochard, Hubbard’s managing director.

“With this investment, we’ve laid a solid foundation for success for our company, as well as our worldwide customers, in the coming 100 years.”

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