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Hybrid Turkeys to be first in Canada to video monitor euthanasia

March 5, 2014
By Hybrid Turkeys


March 5, 2014, Kitchener, Ont. — Hybrid Turkeys is taking immediate action and making industry leading changes to raising turkeys after company officials were shown an undercover animal activist video. The video depicted employees at one of the company’s barns in southwestern Ontario utilizing euthanasia methods that, while approved by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, violate Hybrid’s strict animal welfare protocols.

 “Based on multiple levels of audits and third party inspections, we believe this to be an isolated incident,” says David Libertini, Managing Director, Hybrid Turkeys.

“Hybrid has zero tolerance for animal abuse,” Libertini said. “As soon as we reviewed the video, we suspended the four employees involved. We are conducting an independent third-party investigation to review the incident as well as our company’s animal welfare program, training and quality practices.”

We are disappointed that this incident has detracted from the strong commitment for animal welfare that is exhibited on a daily basis by Hybrid and the overwhelming majority of our employees. We will continue advocating for the strongest possible standards and for additional research on the criteria for euthanasia.”

Hybrid will become the first turkey producer in North America to employ mandatory video monitoring and veterinary review of all turkey euthanasia. 

“Euthanasia is not easy to do or watch at the best of times. Hybrid has just recently launched a new, easier-to-use tool plus training for this euthanasia method. ” says Dr. Helen Wojcinski, Manager Science and Sustainability for Hybrid Turkeys.

As well the company is initiating a cooperative research agreement on more effective and humane forms of euthanasia with the world renowned Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare, University of Guelph.

Hybrid’s animal welfare standards exceed national industry standards and regulatory rules and are based on scientific research, veterinary advice, ethical and practical knowledge gained through years of experience.  

Animal care and well-being is central to the operations of our company, and we remain committed to the ethical and responsible care of our turkey flocks. 

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