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Inlet Damper With Optional Insulation

By American Coolair   

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American Coolair introduces the next-generation Inlet Damper for the poultry industry. Available on all American Coolair size 48-inch and 52-inch wall fan units, the Inlet Damper allows for insulation.

The damper consists of four vertical doors that open automatically and
come together when the fan is in use. A nearly unobstructed path is
provided for the air stream.
The doors seal magnetically when the fan is off. A foam rubber gasket on the door frame minimizes leakage.


When it is time for fan cleaning or maintenance, the damper does not
need to be removed. By opening the large damper doors, ample access to
the fan is provided.
American Coolair’s unique damper design allows for something that
ordinary shutters and dampers don’t: insulation. Typically, thin
aluminum shutters don’t provide adequate insulation from cold air. When
fitted with optional insulation, the American Coolair damper provides
an air barrier and a heat barrier without affecting the aerodynamic
performance of the fan package.

American Coolair Inlet Damper conversion kits allow for the replacement
of an existing shutter on any 48-inch or 52-inch Coolair fan in the
field with minimum effort. Kits are also available for select
non-Coolair fans. The Inlet Damper conversion kit includes the Inlet
Damper, a housing extension box, and all the necessary hardware to
assemble the new damper package.

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