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Innovations: Dalaine Farm

By Canadian Poultry Staff   

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The barn’s Fancom system can neutralize static pressure when required.

Dalaine Farm
Sector – Broilers
Location – Shakespeare, Ont.

A family farm producing chicken for over 50 years (currently Ross 708s and Cobb) is expanding into organic production (same breeds) in the fall of 2018.

Equipment specs
Two new barns of 21,000 ft2 each were built in 2017. To prepare for the unique ventilation challenges of organic production, Glass PAC assisted in designing a Fancom system with the capability of neutralizing static pressure when required. An in-floor heating system, provided by Schultz Plumbing, produces consistent heat. This system includes six 250,000 btu ACV Triangle Tube condensing boilers that are shared by the barns via an adjoining hallway. In terms of monitoring systems, Fancom’s F-Central FarmManager provides access to environmental controls while Eyeonet PTZ cameras allow for visual monitoring.


Innovation factor
When the doors are open (allowing birds access to the outdoors required by organic production), the inlets provide even airflow throughout the production space. “In the winter, the in-floor heat assists in keeping the litter dry, reducing ammonia and disease pressure,” farm owner Greg Leis says.

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