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Innovations: The Eggxaminator

September 2, 2018
By Canadian Poultry Staff


Sector: Layer breeding

Location: Trenton, Ont.

Accurate data collection is at the heart of any breeding program. With the right data, geneticists are able to select the best birds for high productivity and good egg quality. Hendrix Genetics, in collaboration with a Dutch tech partner, has developed a truly innovative piece of technology that can enhance data collection for egg grading: an egg robot named The Eggxaminator.

Equipment specs
The Eggxaminator is able to automatically grade and inspect eggs with the focus on 10 different exterior egg quality traits using Machine Vision. Machine Vision refers to the technologies and methods used to provide imaging-based automatic inspection and analysis.

By adopting Machine Vision, Hendrix Genetics can generate more accurate data on exterior egg phenotypes, removing the possibility for human error and subjectivity. Each evaluation can now be completed with a high amount of measurable consistency. When the Eggxaminator is ready, the plan is to scale up the technology for full implementation in the layers breeding program.

Innovation factor:
The Eggxaminator is a brand-new innovation within layer breeding. As egg quality is already a very important trait in Hendrix Genetics’ breeding program, the Eggxaminator will enhance how egg quality is measured by bringing accuracy of the measurements to a whole new level with the use of state-of-the-art technology.