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New Elliptical Damper Door Cone

September 4, 2008
By American Coolair


coolair_damper_coneNEW PRODUCT

New Elliptical Damper Door Cone
American Coolair announces the development of its new Elliptical Damper Door Cone units to maximize airflow in poultry houses without additional construction cost.

By holding the maximum width of the cone to 60 inches, the new design
allows the customer to mount the fans on five-foot center distances,
while the vertical diameter of the cone remains the standard 67-3/8
inches.  The damper doors, located within the cone, open fully when the
fan is energized to provide a virtually unobstructed path for the


Engineering Vice Presiden Mark DeGoursey says that the unit results in a high-efficiency fan that is  compact and fits easily into existing structures.

The 60-inch wide Elliptical Damper Door Cone is available for all
American Coolair 52-inch fans, and can be used as part of new building
construction, or as retrofit replacements for fan units mounted on
five-foot center distances.

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