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New Green Certificate Program for students

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The province is adding another option to Alberta’s Green Certificate Program (GCP) so students have more opportunities to learn about careers in agribusiness.

Poultry technician joins the list of programs already being offered through the GCP and funded through a partnership between Alberta Education and Agriculture and Forestry. 

“Our government is excited to expand this important program, as it provides real-life, hands-on learning for students who work on a farm or for students interested in the agriculture industry. The program helps students to develop the confidence, skills and knowledge they need for their future,” said David Eggen, Minister of Education.


The Green Certificate Program provides opportunities for students to develop the confidence, skills and knowledge they need for careers in the agricultural industry. It fosters employability skills that support the development of a skilled and educated workforce.

“This program is great for rural Alberta, our communities and our kids. It provides opportunities for youth to see training close to home and helps to develop the leaders the industry needs. Expanding this program means even more choices for students to explore career options in agriculture. We are committed to supporting families by improving growth in rural programs and the agricultural industry,” said Oneil Carlier, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry.

The program was well received by the agriculture industry, but schools identified that the single largest barrier to participation in the GCP was the course fees. As a result, the province is investing up to $400,000 annually to cover the course fees for students enrolled in the program.

“Adding poultry technician to the Green Certificate Program fills a critical gap in the program and provides an enhanced training path for our future broiler farmers and farm technicians. We recognize the incredible efforts of those driving the development of this program and were happy to have been involved in the process,” said Robert Renema, producer programs manager, Alberta Chicken Producers.

Students learn on the job, under the direction of experienced farm personnel and under the supervision of teachers.

“We are happy to have been involved in the creation of the poultry technician program. Developing the skills and knowledge required of the poultry sector will attract and educate youth, fostering a thriving, sustainable poultry industry in Alberta,” added Jeff Kamlah, chair, Alberta Turkey Producers.

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