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New Tool Simplifies Soluble Powders

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May 15, 2009- Vétoquinol Canada announces the launch of Vétoquinol Precision, a new software specifically developed for swine and poultry producers to make managing and administering soluble veterinary powders much easier.

Vétoquinol Precision provides producers with very specific formulas for the preparation of stock solutions, based upon a wide range of criteria, resulting in optimal levels of medication in the treatment of animals.

“There are so many factors to consider in the preparation of stock solutions, such as age, weight as well as the number of animals. These are often a puzzle for the producer,” explains Dr. Claude Thibault, DVM, head of Technical Services, Vétoquinol Canada. He says that Vétoquinol Precision is a user-friendly calculator that will allow the producer to tailor the soluble powders administration to their particular production. Increasing the accuracy of the solution will help to optimize efficiency.
Provided by Vétoquinol Canada at no cost, Vétoquinol Precision can be downloaded through the web site. The software provides every possible combination of formulas for Vétoquinol products, while adhering to each product’s indication. This software can be downloaded by pork and poultry producers onto their own personal computer.


Vétoquinol Precision was created and developed by Vétoquinol by tapping into the experience of the company’s Canadian swine and poultry representatives. “Each product has its own recipe,” adds Dr. Thibault.  “Given the evolution of the animal production industry, it has become essential that we produce a tool that would increase the precision of treatment on the farm.”

Vétoquinol Precision will provide producers with more control over the administration of soluble products, this helping to prevent any over- or under-medication of animals. It provides more accurate tracking of the prescribed medical treatment, resulting in less risks of violative residue in the animals that are slaughtered for consumption.  This offers more precision to the prescribed use of the medication which should alleviate any concerns on the consumers’ part.

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