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St-Hubert acquired by Swiss Chalet owner Cara | AAFC funding for GHG mitigation (April 2016)Major retailers pledge cage-free | Cobb Flock Awards (March 2016)CFO approves new kosher processing plant | Online PCP course (March 2016)A&W commits to better cage-free housing | DNA testing for spent fowl (March 2016)Defining sustainability | Specialty birds growing opportunity (February 2016)EFC and CFC support youth | More restaurants pledge cage-free (February 2016)Barn fires devastating | Farm partnerships - components (February 2016)Canadian egg industry to transition away from conventional housing (February 2016)New Year, new innovations for livestock feed | Feed structure (January 2016)Granny's Poultry expanding | NCC frustrated over access to Canada in TPP (January 2016)New hatchery for Hendrix-ISA | Farm & Food Care Ontario selects Executive Director (January 2016)AI funding for B.C. | COOL repealed by U.S. Congress (December 2015)New Animal Care Strategy for Maple Leaf Foods | AI cases in France increase (December 2015)Majority of Americans think chicken has hormones and steroids | Mycotoxin tool (December 2015)New poultry ventilation app | Maple Leaf trimming jobs (November 2015)Wild Birds as Sentinels | Poultry businesses win awards (November 2015)An Inspired Canadian System | Alltech acquires Masterfeeds (November 2015)McDonald’s Canada announcement aligns with industry | CFIA issues biosecurity notice (October 2015)Seats are filling up quickly!  Don't miss out - register now for the Canadian Poultry Sustainability Symposium (October 2015)Draft poultry Code of Practice open for comments | National poultry groups respond to TPP (October 2015)Eastern vs. Western Canada and the TPP  | Fighting false information (October 2015)U.S. considers ventilation shutdown as culling option | McDonald's pledges cage-free eggs (September 2015)EFA hosts environmental workshop | Cobb’s million expansion in Brazil (September 2015)PSIW registration now open | U.S. stockpiling avian flu vaccine (August 2015)CFO launching portfolio of programs on allocating growth | IPPE registration opens (August 2015)First quarantine zone removed | Only 3 weeks left to enter the Canadian Poultry Sustainability Award (July 2015)Is poultry unfair target of TPP? | Quarantine zones in Ontario should be lifted by end of month (July 2015)Managing heat stress in layers | Feds deny report proposed trade deal would destabilize supply management (June 2015)Democrats against TPP fast-track | Celebrating Canadian Food (June 2015)Ontario poultry industry returning to normal | Wal-mart suggests meat suppliers  curb antibiotic use (June 2015)This outbreak of avian influenza is like no other | B.C. poultry industry gets funding (May 2015)U.S. says Canada must open up ag sector | Poultry workers’ union calls for more action (May 2015)H5N2 continues U.S. spread | London Poultry Show Cancelled (April 2015)High-path H5 suspected in Ont. turkey flock | EFO invests in public trust (April 2015)IMPACT program | Cargill hires Canadian poultry welfare expert (March 2015)McDonald’s U.S. launches antibiotic policy | Chickens killed by vandals in S.C. (March 2015)Sustainability Report launched by Egg Farmers of Alberta | The Burning Question (February 2015)Anticipated cholesterol guidelines good news for eggs | PHRN gets a new coordinator (February 2015)A.I. hits another backyard coop in B.C. | Hybrid takes ownership of Ag Forte’s grandparent operation (February 2015)CFO launches Food Donation Program | USDA sets salmonella standards (January 2015)B.C. industry feels AI has been contained | Adding to the sustainability discussion (January 2015)7 farms now positive for AI in B.C. | Some schools in U.S. to serve ABF chicken (December 2014)New allocation agreement for CFC | Turkey genome mapping nearing completion (November 2014)EFO announces 2014 new entrants | Shaping the Future (November 2014)EFC establishes public policy research chair | Canadian Feed Research Centre opens (November 2014)Canada’s farm protection trade talks hurdle | Olymel expanding cooked products facility in Ste-Rosalie (October 2014)Aviagen hosts Canadian broiler breeder producers | Hybrid enters into agreement with Ag Forte (October 2014)Unilever wants to address difficult animal care issues | Ontario’s new tax credit for farmers (October 2014)Genomic and feed research funding | N.S. processor vows to fight (September 2014)CFO launches special breeds program | White House unveils antibiotic resistance plan (September 2014)Precision feeding | Hemp product increases Omega-3 content of eggs (September 2014)Burnbrae Farms gifts  0,000 for professorship | Quebec to amend Civil Code (August 2014)Poultry Code of Practice funding | U.S. reforms poultry inspections (August 2014)Chicken Farmers of Saskatchewan get research funding | Meat industry outlook (July 2014)Don’t chicken out on supply management | Food tracking needs improvement (July 2014)Nominations Now Open for the Canadian Poultry Sustainability Sympoisum and Award (July 2014)Anti-Spam Legislation | Cobb flock award winners for Canada (June 2014)Raised by a Canadian Farmer | Quebec processors expand (June 2014)Anti-Spam Legislation | Cobb flock award winners for Canada (May 2014)Pullet growers denied agency status | Survey reveals consumer confusion about antibiotic resistance (May 2014)National Quality Assurance Program for Canadian eggs | Egg Farmers of Alberta accepting applications (May 2014)New-Life donates 75 Thousand | Egg Farmers launches new consumer campaign (April 2014)Sustainable food | EFO's new egg donation program (April 2014)Import levies and quotas needed to protect EU poultry meat sector | Targeted management tools for coccidiosis (March 2014)Pullet growers denied agency status | Survey reveals consumer confusion about antibiotic resistance (March 2014)M research investment | Opening the door on poultry production (February 2014)OBHECC announces new Chair | Today is Food Freedom Day (February 2014)Egg supply management criticism | Environmental impact study (January 2014)Canadian Poultry’s Top Stories from 2013 (January 2014)FSIS salmonella plan | Ontario agri-business report (December 2013)PGC readies for status | FDA phasing out antibiotics (December 2013)Poultry probiotic | COFS wins awards (November 2013)Animal transport safety | Warehouse Shell celebrates 75 (November 2013)'Faces of Farming' | Western poultry investment (November 2013)Kosher chicken shortage | Agriculture research investment (October 2013)Maple Lodge found guilty | 4-H Youth Ag Summit (October 2013)Humane meat in Sobeys | Canada's influenza survey (September 2013)CAFO agreement in Iowa | 2013 Environmental Stewards (September 2013)Tracking resistant bacteria | Cobb flock awards (September 2013)PSIW registration now open | Containing outbreaks (August 2013)Human H7N9 transmission | API buys Clark’s (August 2013)Maple Leaf selling turkey farms | Heating with biomass (July 2013)Listeria research | Buying local (July 2013)Avian influenza in U.S. | Canadian farm safety grows (June 2013)Canadian food safety | EFO’s new quota system (June 2013)H7N9 research | New Sunnymel plant begins operation (May 2013)Turkey careers website | Support for value-added processors (May 2013)Sustainable food | Imported H7N9 (May 2013)Farmland values| H7N9 cases increasing (April 2013)Outstanding Ontario farmers | Avian flu vaccine (April 2013)Limiting antibiotics | Risk management (March 2013)Improving eyes with eggs | 4-H celebrates 100 years (March 2013)Eugene Whelan passes away | U.S. Salmonella vaccine (February 2013)Farm safety | Growing Forward 2 details (February 2013)Avian flu research to resume | Disease control zones (January 2013)Avian flu research | 4-H Canada celebrates 100 (January 2013)Increasing broiler quotas | Canadian food industry lagging (December 2012)Sunnymel plant begins production | U.S. increases Salmonella control (December 2012)Rabobank Q4 report | Reducing turley femur fractures (November 2012)Oil blend reduces salmonella | Vitala Foods launches vitamin D egg (November 2012)Global meat production, consumption slows | Sunrise doubles turkey processing at Taber, Alta. plant (October 2012)USDA lowers corn harvest projection | Aviagen sponsors CPRC's new research program (October 2012)Tariffs must go if Canada joins TPP | Farmers and food industry come together (September 2012)USDA corn and soybean forecast | Feeding microbials and probiotics (September 2012)Hong Kong to introduce new H5N1 vaccine | Canada negotiating with Ukraine for agricultural trade (August 2012)Egg study disputed| USDA projects 13 per cent reduction in corn (August 2012)Novel AI virus | U.S. livestock groups want ethanol mandate waived (August 2012)National livestock traceability system in Canada's future  | Shur-Gain celebrates 75th anniversary (July 2012)Funding for precision feeding | McDonald’s to emphasize chicken on menu (July 2012)U.S. Senate passes farm bill | Room for supply management in TPP (June 2012)Toughening food safety | UEP economic impact study (June 2012) million for Eden Valley | Listening to poultry (May 2012)Farm numbers shrinking | Tim Hortons announces animal welfare initiatives (May 2012)Burger King pledges cage-free by 2017 | AI viruses added to reportable diseases list (April 2012)Supply management won’t be sacrificed | APRI gets funding boost (April 2012)Canadian agriculture funding cut in the 2012 budget | Controversial bird flu studies cleared (March 2012)Val-Co’s New Community Nest with New Winchable Slats | Bird Flu Studies May Undermine Credibility (March 2012)Name change for Alberta Egg Producers | HSUS putting pressure on Tim Horton's (March 2012)Eliminating Campylobacter | Maple Leaf further consolidates (February 2012)Busting myths | Ethanol policies hurt livestock farmers (February 2012)Banff egg forum | Boost in ginseng-fed chicken (January 2012)U.S. restricts antibiotic use | Five reasons to defend supply management (January 2012)

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