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Canadian Poultry
More from Canadian Poultry | Events | Research January 20, 2012
Innovations in Egg Utilization Research and Development Forum
The Poultry Research Centre at the University of Alberta, Alberta Egg Producers and the University of Manitoba are pleased to announce the Innovations in Egg Utilization Research and Development Forum, which will take place March 28-30th 2012 in Banff, Alberta. The Forum will explore R&D opportunities, trends, innovations and the future of egg-product development.
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Granny's Poultry boosts production of ginseng-fed chicken
Granny’s Poultry is getting ready for Chinese New Year by boosting production of its newly launched Ginseng-Fed Whole Chicken, a product that has been embraced by retailers and is now available in over 500 mainstream supermarkets and Asian specialty food stores across Western Canada.
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Nutrition in commercial poultry

Commercial Poultry Nutrition has become the standard text for all involved in the various poultry industries. This 3rd edition is a major revision with virtually all sections being updated to accommodate the ever-changing genetic potential of broilers, layers, turkeys and waterfowl.

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Ont.-Que. chicken deal could leave processing plant's wings clipped
A small poultry processing plant in Eastern Ontario could be in trouble if the Ontario and Quebec chicken marketing boards curtail shipments of live birds between the provinces, says the owner.
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Que. restaurants demand agri-food policy address SM concerns
The Council of Chain Restaurants of Quebec (CCRQ) and the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association (CRFA) recently appeared before the National Assembly's Committee on Agriculture, Fisheries, Energy and Natural Resources, calling for the government to address problems with supply management in the chicken and dairy sectors as they develop a new agri-food policy for the province.
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