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Canadian Poultry
More from Canadian Poultry | Health | Production | Research March 16, 2012
Canada Will Defend Farmers' Interests In Pacific Talks
Canada will continue to defend supply management as the country pushes for entry into a pan-Pacific trade pact, Canada's trade minister said. Canadian Trade Minister Ed Fast said his country has the support of most of the countries involved in negotiating a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal.
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Hudson and Janzen Named to Ontario Agriculture Hall of Fame
Poultry pioneers Joe Hudson, CEO of Burnbrae Farms Ltd. and John E. Janzen, a champion for the creation of a marketing board for Ontario chicken, will be recognized for their contributions, along with three other inductees, at the Hall of Fame Gallery, Country Heritage Park in Milton, Ontario June 10, 2012.
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Val-Co’s Community Nest with New Winchable Slats
VAL-CO®has introduced a Community Nest with new winchable slats providing easy-to-clean, comfortable and easily-accessed nesting for hens.
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Bird Flu Studies May Undermine Credibility
As influenza scientists and biosecurity experts continue to do battle over controversial bird flu studies, some in the flu world worry arguments being used to push for full publication of the studies may be eroding the credibility of the field.
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Jansen Reveals New Mechanical Litter Removal System
Many poultry farmers with free range or aviary houses would like to reduce the litter level and improve its quality in their houses. As a solution, Jansen Poultry has developed a mechanical Litter Removal System.
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