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Canadian Poultry
More from Canadian Poultry | Health | Production July 6, 2012
Alberta Hatching Egg Producers receive funding for precision feeding
A $240,000 investment has been given to the Alberta Hatching Egg Producers by the federal government to help develop a precision broiler breeder feeding system that provides the right amount of feed to the right bird at the right time, with the goal of keeping birds fit and reducing waste.
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McDonald’s to emphasize chicken on menu
McDonald's will be emphasizing chicken in its stores, thanks to a push by new CEO Don Thompson. This push stems from the perceived health benefits of chicken and its lower price, according to an analyst.
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Does Canada need to dismantle supply management in the TPP talks
A paper released by the George Morris Centre questions whether Canada needs to dismantle supply management systems as it prepares to enter Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) discussions. The paper considers the role and function of marketing boards and agencies in supply management and what the interests of other countries in the TPP are regarding supply management in Canada and more.
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Avian influenza in Mexico kills one million birds
Around one million birds have died or have been culled at 111 poultry farms and 15 farms in Jalisco, Mexico, where the National Health and Quality Agribusiness Service (Senasica) detected in 10 such facilities the AH7N3 strain of avian flu.
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L.H. Gray and Sons Ltd. promotes Walsh and Brookshaw
Bill Gray, president of L.H. Gray and Sons Ltd. recently announced that Mike Walsh and Mr. Scott Brookshaw will now hold the title of Executive Vice President of the company.
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