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More from Canadian Poultry | Health | Production August 31, 2012
Hong Kong to introduce new H5N1 vaccine
The Secretary for Food & Health has announced that a new vaccine, Re-6, is more effective in preventing avian flue than previous vaccines and will be introduced quickly to local poultry farms.
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Canada negotiating with Ukraine for agricultural trade
The Canadian Government is increasing trade with Ukraine and negotiating for an agreement that will include poultry, cattle and other agricultural products.
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Supply management to be defended in TPP talks
Canada will soon join negotiations to join the Trans Pacific Partnership, but local MPs are insisting that the government will defend supply management and that it is "not negotiable."
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Jason Mack Aviagen announces new VP of Operations
Jason Mack has been promoted to vice-president of operations for Aviagen North America and will be responsible for improving biological programs, quality assurance, product supply and more.
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Livestock research receives $10,000 from Canadian government
The Canadian government will be investing more than $100,000 into research at Prairie Plant Systems Inc. to look for alternatives to antibiotics in livestock feed.
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