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Canadian Poultry
More from Canadian Poultry | Health | Production November 9, 2012
Feeding chickens oil blend reduces salmonella
Oil and water may not mix, but a University of Georgia study has found feeding chickens a blend of plant-based oils in their drinking water can help prevent salmonella contamination before the meat reaches the dinner table, or even the grocery store.
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Minister Ritz needs your Movember support
Minister Ritz has once again taken on the challenge by Canada’s poultry and egg farmers to support men’s health by participating in the Movember campaign. So far, he’s raised over $7,000 but he needs more donations in order to meet this year’s target of raising $25,000 for prostrate cancer and men’s mental health awareness.
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B.C.’s Vitala Foods launches eggs with 100% RDI of vitamin D
Vitala Foods celebrated Vitamin D Day on Nov. 2 with the launch of the new Vita D Sunshine Eggs, the world's first eggs to provide 100 per cent daily value of vitamin D in a single egg. The eggs contain 200 IUs, the current daily value set by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, which is the equivalent of seven regular eggs.
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Sunnymel plant to open later this month
Olymel l.p. and Westco executives invited all managers and employees hired to date to operate the new Sunnymel poultry slaughterhouse and cutting facility at Clair to an open house and information day. In all, close to 250 people will be involved in operating the processing plant, which was built over a one-year period in the centre of the Village of Clair in the Upper Madawaska. The startup phase of the plant is scheduled for Nov. 19.
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Web Feature: Preventing electrical problems
Many commercial operations, both small and large, are steadily increasing the amount of automation done by machines and therefore heavily rely on a consistent flow of power. But, when the running of a business depends on electricity, failures and downtime can be extremely expensive.
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