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More from Canadian Poultry | Health | Production January 25, 2013
Eggshells The power of eggshells
Researchers with the University of Alberta have devised a way to create high performance electrochemical energy storage (known as supercapacitors) using low cost biowaste, such as eggshells.
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Controversial avian flu transmission research to resume
An international group of scientists and researchers have announced the end of a yearlong moratorium on the controversial work to engineer and experiment on the H5N1 avian flu virus.
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Poultry Environment Problems Annex Bookstore
Poultry Environment Problems

One of the purposes of practical housing and equipment is to provide for the biological, economic and welfare needs of the birds. Fortunately, the scientific literature contains a great deal of information on these needs, so that a recommended approach to practical problems is to start with an appraisal of the requirements and responses of the birds. Then, designers and engineers can provide for these needs.

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Canadian Bio-Systems introduces new feed alternative
Canadian Bio-Systems has introduced a new feed additive, Maxi-Gen Plus, for use by poultry and pork producers as an alternative to traditional growth-promoting products.
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Canada, U.S. to recognize animal disease control zones
Canada and the United States have agreed to recognize each other's control zones during animal disease outbreaks, but allow imports from disease-free areas.
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Renewable fuels conference details
With energy costs increasing, alternative energy options and becoming more lucrative and the 2013 Canadian Wood Pellet Heating Conference is the perfect place to gather information.
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