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Canadian Poultry
More from Canadian Poultry | Health | Production May 31, 2013
Making a Change Making a change
Mike Pickard, a member of the Chicken Farmers of Saskatchewan, has recently been named to the 2013 council of the Farm Products Council of Canada.
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Tamiflu resistance seen in some H7N9 cases
The H7N9 bird flu that has killed over 30 people in China has shown resistance to one of the only treatments - Tamiflu.
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Sunnymel opens new chicken slaughterhouse
Sunnymel has officially begun activities at a new chicken slaughterhouse and cutting plant in the Village of Clair, N.B.
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H7N9 close to being transmittable to humans
A new study shows that the H7N9 flu virus can pass between ferrets, even sometimes spreading by airborne transmission.
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Canada celebrates 100 years of 4-H
4-H Canada has begun to celebrate its 100th anniversary, and the Canadian Government participated in its recent ”Food for Thought” gala celebration.
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