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Canadian Poultry
More from Canadian Poultry | Health | Production June 14, 2013
Food Safety Strengthening Canada’s food safety
The Canadian Government will invest $16 million over three years for inspection teams to oversee the performance of Canada's entire food inspection system.
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EFO developing quota transfer system
The Egg Farmers of Ontario will launch an electronic quota transfer system to provide a new and improved quota market mechanism for its farmers in 2014.
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Nutritional and Digestive Disorders Annex Bookstore
Nutritional and Digestive Disorders of Poultry

This text has been prepared to guide veterinarians, laboratory diagnosticians, nutritionists, and students in their professional activities relating to diseases, parasites, and malfunction of the digestive tract of commercial poultry.

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History The history of the OVC
The Ontario Veterinary College has evolved over the past 150 years to service the needs of both animals and people.
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Update on the deadly fire in Chinese poultry plant
A deadly fire broke out in a crowded poultry processing plant recently in northeastern China, killing 120 people, and new reports say two individuals have been arrested.
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