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Canadian Poultry
More from Canadian Poultry | Health | Production July 12, 2013
Listeria Research Canadian government invests in Listeria research
Genome Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions are funding research to help prevent Listeria in the Canadian food supply.
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New Brunswick launches new programs
New details are available for the $37 million in program funding provided by Growing Forward 2 for research, business development and stewardship programs in New Brunswick.
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Take the Liberty to Reduce Your Feed Waste!

Chore-Time's LIBERTY® Feeding System offers variable flooding from any pan height – on the floor or raised for growing birds. Use the LIBERTY® Feeder's winch system and feed level settings to control the amount of feed as birds grow. The feeder's design saves even more feed.

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Survey shows why Canadians buy local
The third annual BMO Food Survey has tried to determine the reasoning behind why Canadians buy local food, as well as what products they actively purchase.
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Chicken Farmers CFC partners with Swimming Canada
Chicken Farmers of Canada has joined with Swimming Canada to encourage good nutrition and active living as part of a healthy lifestyle.
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