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Canadian Poultry
More from Canadian Poultry | Health | Production September 6, 2013
H7N9 Arsenic and poultry
Researchers have found that chickens raised with arsenic-based drugs have higher levels of inorganic arsenic in their meat.
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Guelph receives $1-million poultry nutrition gift
The University of Guelph has received a $1-million gift to enhance its capacity in poultry nutrition research, training and outreach from James and Brenda McIntosh, of McIntosh Poultry Farms Ltd.
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Tracking antibiotic-resistant strains Tracking antibiotic-resistant strains
Continuing research on Salmonella may enable researchers to identify and track strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria.
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COBB New Cobb flock awards for Canada
At the inaugural Cobb performance award in Canada, both individual flocks and overall counts were looked at for various Cobb breeds.
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Maple Leaf sells rendering and biodiesel business
Maple Leaf Foods will sell Rothsay, its rendering and biodiesel business, to Darling International by the end of 2013.
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