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More from Canadian Poultry | Health | Production November 29, 2013
Probiotic Ability to battle bugs Poultry probiotic's ability to battle bugs
FR researchers have characterized the coat of a poultry probiotic, giving clues of how it may be used to exclude pathogenic bacteria from chickens.
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Nova Scotia Egg Producers expands alternative housing
Nova Scotia Egg Producers introduces a program for new egg farmers to be awarded no-cost quota lease for 500 layers in alternative housing systems.
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Video Video highlights 4-H Youth Ag-Summit
4-H Canada and Bayer CropScience have launched a video highlighting the accomplishments of the global 4-H Youth Ag-Summit.
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COFS team wins top awards
At the Best of CAMA awards held in late November, the team from Canada's Outdoor Farm Show (COFS) ended the night with two big awards.
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Poultry Watering Ziggity develops 'Poultry Watering U' for producers
Ziggity Systems Inc. has launched a new website called “Poultry Watering U” for producers to get information about watering systems.
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