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Canadian Poultry
More from Canadian Poultry | Health | Production January 10, 2014
Adding Sunshine to eggs Adding Sunshine to Eggs
A B.C. agri-entrepreneur has created Vita D sunshine eggs, the world’s first caged layer white eggs to provide 100 per cent of the daily recommended value of vitamin D in a single egg.
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Managing Supply Managing Supply
Celebrating 100 years in the industry, Canadian Poultry takes a look back at the long road to achieving supply management.
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Poultry Lighting: The Theory & Practice

This is the first book to be dedicated to the lighting of poultry, and, as the title suggests, is written in two sections. The first is fully referenced and covers the science that underpins the lighting of poultry. The second section describes the practical approach to lighting for growing pullets, laying hens, broiler breeders, broilers, breeding and growing turkeys, ducks and geese, and is written in a user-friendly style.

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Managing Supply Rocket Man
Manure is one of the biggest problems in agriculture, but Ivan Milin has devised a solution for farmers that uses the larvae of common houseflies.
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Food Safety Excellence Food Safety Excellence
Chicken Farmers of Canada has been recognized by Agriculture and Agri-food Canada as the first commodity organization in Canada for effective and consistent implementation of a food safety program.
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Health Secret Health Secret Inside Eggs
Egg Farmers of Ontario is funding research by United Paragon Associates, which is undertaking clinical trials for a new antidepressant drug, named Rellidep, derived from eggs.
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