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Canadian Poultry
More from Canadian Poultry | Health | Production May 16, 2014
Pullet growers denied agency status
Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz has denied the Pullet Growers of Canada Part 2 Agency Status under the Farm Products Agencies Act of Canada.
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Survey reveals consumer confusion about antibiotic resistance
A new survey by the American Meat Institute has found that U.S. consumers are confused about the causes of antibiotic resistance and the use of antibiotics in livestock and poultry production.
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Poultry Sustainability

Calling all Canadian poultry farmers!

Are you a farmer that is efficient and innovative in your production of high quality poultry products?

Are you a farmer that is using practices that protect and improve the environment, the economic and social well-being of your poultry farm and family, and your surrounding communities?

Are you a farmer who is doing your utmost to protect the health and welfare of the birds you are rearing?

Apply now for the Canadian Poultry Sustainability Award!

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The Bigger, the better?
Shawn Conley outlines factors to consider when deciding on barn size, including: structural demands, management and equipment, heating, and ventilation.
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Supply management a cause of Canada-U.S. price gaps: C.D. Howe Institute
Consumers should blame government policy, not retail price gouging for large Canada-US price gaps, according to a new C.D. Howe Institute report that says price gaps during 2004-2007 reflect ill-advised Canadian government regulations, such as high tariffs as well as supply management.
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