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March 6, 2015
FEATURED NEWS: Recommended Biosecurity Practices
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McDonald’s US operations to phase out human antibiotics from its chicken supply

McDonald's Corporation's U.S. restaurants will gradually stop buying chicken raised with antibiotics that are vital to fighting human infections, according to an exclusive report by Reuters. Chicken grown using ionophores — antibiotics not used in human medicine — will still be purchased by McDonald's under its new policy. >> Read full article

Vandals target chicken farms in South Carolina, killing 300,000 birds

Someone familiar with alarm systems is responsible for attacks over the past two weeks on at least 16 farms in rural South Carolina, say law enforcement authorities. This person(s) have been turning off alarm systems in the barns, resulting in the death of an estimated 300,000 chickens and has cost the owners roughly $1.7 million. >> Read full article

Farm and Food Care Foundation launching Real Dirt on Farming Blog

The newly launched Real Dirt on Farming blog aims to connect consumers with farmers and share credible facts on food and farming in Canada, with the goal of helping consumers make informed food choices about the food they’re serving their families. This blog is based on the popular The Real Dirt on Farming booklet, which answers Canadians’ questions about food and farming and tackles hot topics – like pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and GMOs – head on. >> Read full article

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 Featured News 
Feature News

Recommended Biosecurity Practices

The Ontario Livestock and Poultry Council give some helpful tips and outlines recommended practices when you find yourself hosting farm visits, particularly by non-Canadian residents or visitors returning to Canada from other countries. >> Learn More…

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Prairie Diagnostic Services to receive funding to improve food safety

Prairie Diagnostic Services Inc. will receive $549,278 from Ottawa for new equipment to "expand and modernize'" its testing efficiency. Brad Trost, MP for Saskatoon-Humboldt, said the funding will help veterinarians, livestock and feed producers and exporters to be able to better ensure Canada's food safety both domestically and abroad. He says the new equipment will help with bacteriology, toxicology, pathology and food testing. >> Read full article

Staying ahead of corn pests

Staying ahead of pests is key to high yield and good quality in every crop. In corn, however, Ontario producers are forced to do much of their pest management by guess, since little scientific research exists on the lifecycles, specific species, or geographic dispersion of many of corn’s most damaging early season pests. Until now. >> Read full article

Farms and families should take note of new federal tax changes

The federal government has introduced some tax changes for the 2014 tax year, and families fared particularly well under the new tax rules. >> Read full article

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March 10-12, 2015
Location: Ernst and Young Centre, Ottawa, ON >> More Info

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March 17-19, 2015
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