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December 4, 2015
FEATURED NEWS: Faster and cheaper mycotoxin detection tool being developed
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Survey finds 80 per cent of Americans mistakingly believe chicken contains added hormones or steroids

The National Chicken Council (NCC) has released new national survey findings on consumers' perceptions about chicken production, revealing that nearly 80 per cent of Americans mistakenly believe that chicken contains added hormones or steroids, when in fact no chicken sold or raised in the U.S. is given hormones or steroids. >> Read full article

Alberta government to amend Bill 6 for clarity

Following several protests in the province, the Alberta government is amending Bill 6, the Enhanced Protection for Farm and Ranch Workers Act. >> Read full article

Canarm AgSystems and Intelia form partnership

Canarm AgSystems and Intelia have created a partnership to drive innovative new solutions for barn ventilation systems. >> Read full article

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Poultry Diseases Influenced by Gastrointestinal Health

Providing a wealth of background knowledge on poultry anatomy, physiology, and immunology, this comprehensive reference explores poultry diseases that are directly related to or influenced by the gastrointestinal tract. >> Watch Video

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Faster and cheaper mycotoxin detection tool being developed

Research underway at Ottawa’s Carleton University may make it easier and cheaper to detect toxins created by mold. Called mycotoxins, they’re found in everything from grains to fruit and can cause illness and even death in both humans and animals.

A mold called fusarium that can occur in wheat and corn is a particular problem for farmers as it impacts the quality of their crop and the price they can receive for that crop - contaminated grain or corn isn’t suitable for animal feed or human consumption, so it is rejected by buyers. >> Learn More…


4-H Canada and CN partner to advance youth leadership

4-H Canada and CN have announced a unique partnership to advance youth leadership and promote farm safety in rural Canada. Made possible through a commitment from CN of $600,000, the new annual 4-H Canada Leadership Excellence Awards of Distinction (L.E.A.D.) recognize exceptional 4-H senior youth members and showcase their accomplishments in the area of leadership excellence. >> Read full article

How to compost 150,000 chickens

One of the main challenges posed by the avian flu outbreak that has impacted the U.S. poultry industry in the past year is how to safely and effectively dispose of potentially hundreds of thousands of birds killed as a result of infection and eradication efforts. >> Read full article

Beware Snowbirds

Canadian snowbirds have to start closely counting the days they spend in the Sunbelt because, under new rules, if they overstay their welcome in the States they could be deemed U.S. residents for tax purposes. >> Read full article

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December 9, 2015
Location: Brodhagen, Ont. >> More Info

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