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Nutri Group takes full ownership of Ovale Eggs

June 6, 2014
By Kristy Nudds


June 6, 2014 – Nutri Group announced yesterday that it is taking ownership, through Nutri-Œuf, of Ovale Eggs’ entire assets. With this acquisition, Nutri Group confirms its position among Canada’s leaders in grading, processing and marketing eggs and their derivatives. Following this transaction, Nutri Group is now comprised of six modern, high-performance plants across Canada.

“Our sustained growth over the past few years is culminating today with this major and strategic acquisition, which once again underscores the strength of our business model, in which producers are also owners,” said Michel Gauvin, Chairman of the Board of Nutri Group in a press release. He notes that this acquisition highlights the company’s willingness to keep driving excellence and meet the industry’s highest standards. 

Besides enabling Nutri Group to strengthen its presence in Eastern Québec, acquiring Ovale Eggs gives it the opportunity to consolidate and optimize its operations. Nutri-Group outlined in the release additional benefits to the company for the transaction, including: ensuring a stable offer for its major buyers, guaranteeing optimal product marketing for local producers, providing consumers with a wider product selection, and optimizing it’s transportation logistics. 

About Ovale Eggs

Based in Saint-Lambert-de-Lauzon, on Québec City’s south shore, Ovale Eggs specializes in egg grading, packaging and distribution throughout supermarket and grocery networks across Québec and New Brunswick. Over 30 million dozen eggs leave Ovale Eggs’ plant each year, including several added-value varieties.

About Nutri Group and Nutri-Œuf

Comprised of six entities, Nutri Group ranks among Canada’s leaders in grading and marketing shell eggs and their derivatives. Founded in 2005, Nutri Group currently boasts over 300 employees and a nationwide distribution network. Moreover, it operates modern, high-performance plants across Canada, enabling it to market more than 1.7 billion regular and specialty (Omega, organic, brown, etc.) eggs and processed eggs.

Founded in St-Hyacinthe in 1987, Nutri-Œuf is a member of Nutri Group, thereby benefitting from its vast distribution network. A member of Aliments du Québec, Nutri-Œuf is GSFI-certified and was the first company to receive the Canada Organic certification for its organic egg production.