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OnTrace Verified Network to launch

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April 14, 2011 – OnTrace Agri-Food Traceability (OnTrace) has announced it will launch the OnTrace Verified Network, a new ‘inter-party’ traceability service that will enable source verification of food from farm to point of purchase.

The OnTrace Verified Network is a service owned and operated by OnTrace . Although there is a logo associated with it, it is not another brand; it is a live business network backed up by a secure online service that enables partners to work together and seamlessly share key information or verify food product claims.

“The OnTrace Verified Network provides an affordable inter-party traceability tool with real business value. Food source verification delivers benefits to all stakeholders in the food chain,” said Brian Sterling, CEO, OnTrace. “So we are encouraging all sizes and types of agri-businesses to become members and to utilize the OnTrace Verified Network with their partners. Strength in numbers will make this service an efficient, economical tool that provides open and secure exchange of information between agri-food business partners.”


With the OnTrace Verified Network, producers, processors, distributors, truckers, retailers and other partners can become members and access the service online – there is no software to purchase.


—  The OnTrace Verified Network can be utilized to help reduce business
    risk and streamline access to critical information in the event of a
—  The service works for businesses of all sizes and is of particular value
    to business that may not be able to afford specialized electronic data
    exchange software.
—  Members will have the capability to verify brand claims using the data
    they exchange and permit their partners to access.
—  The degree of data transparency is determined by the owners of the
    information, if the data owner chooses, the information can be used to
    support marketing claims and verify the source of a product.
—  The OnTrace Verified Network will enable business partners to link the
    information they have concerning shipments and movement of products,
    thereby increasing their capability to improve materials management.
—  The service will simplify communications between one part of the food
    chain and another. OnTrace envisions that consumers and farmers will
    eventually be able to connect easily with each other through the
    network. Producers can then readily access direct feedback from
    consumers, and consumers will be able to see more information about what
    they eat.
—  Consumers will also come to appreciate the OnTrace Verified symbol to
    help them easily identify locally sourced products.

The “inter-party traceability system” will be the engine under the hood of the OnTrace Verified Network. To make the network function most effectively, OnTrace is seeking participants.

Businesses interested in an early glimpse of the online service can become a member now and explore the OnTrace Verified Network by visiting and following the link to the OnTrace Verified Network sign up page. Becoming a member now and using the available tools is free of charge.


The OnTrace Verified network goes live in June 2011.

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