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PIC donates $3,500 to students

By Maggie McCormick OAC   

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The OAC Poultry Club poses with club advisor Gregoy Bedecarrats (center with envelope) and Leanne Cooley, Vice Chair PIC & Special Events Committee Chair, (behind Gregory to the left). OAC.

Feb. 14, 2013, Guelph, ON – In 2011, the poultry industry lost a great friend in Bruce Hunter. A professor emeritus in Pathobiology at the OVC, Bruce was an expert in the area of avian diseases and had a long working relationship with the poultry industry. Bruce had been researching biosecurity for small flocks in a joint project with the University, OMAFRA and the Poultry Industry Council (PIC) when he suddenly passed away in the fall of 2011.

When part of Bruce’s leftover research grant made its way back to the Poultry Industry Council, PIC decided to make sure a bit of good came from the sad circumstance. They chose to reinvest the funds in the University and its students.

The two Poultry Clubs on campus, in OAC and OVC will both benefit from the $3,500 donation. “Over the next year the money will be used to do a project jointly with them,” Tim Nelson, Executive Director for PIC said. “The students will direct the aim of the projects.”


The OAC and OVC Poultry Clubs, advised by Dr. Gregoy Bedecarrats from Animal and Poultry Science, and Dr. Michele Guerin from Population Medicine, respectively, “have a mission to engage students in poultry related topics and issues, acquiring hands on experience by supervising the breeding of the heritage flocks at Arkell and creating a link between student and industry,” according to Bedecarrats.

PIC has worked with the clubs in the past to develop that link with industry, helping students earn credits toward their degrees and benefiting from the new ideas the students work on.  Past projects students have been involved in include bio-security videos and a Turkey Careers matrix. ”We truly appreciate all the time and effort PIC puts towards the club and its members,” says Jacob Pelissero, SFOAC Poultry Club President.  “The U of G Poultry Club members would like to thank PIC for their generous support and look forward to working with them in the future.”

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