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PolyConversions Adds to Line of VR™* Protective Wear

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VR™ Wipes

vr_wipesPre-moistened degreaser towels developed for cleaning and maintaining sanitation in meat plants, food processors, food distribution, restaurants and supermarkets.  Engineered to remove fats, greases and oils from food and meat contact surfaces; VR Wipes materially reduce the “bio-load” accumulation on reusable impervious apparel, gloves, cutting tools, instruments, and work surfaces when used in a continual plant-wide cleaning program.

VR Wipes contain degreasing surfactants and quaternary ammonia compounds that work together in cleaning organic material and associated contamination from impervious surfaces, and also meet FDA Standards for “no rinse” chemical concentration limitations.  The VR Wipe no-rinse formula, which contains no color additives or fragrances, makes cleaning of impervious apparel and work surfaces easier and more efficient.


VR Wipes are 8” x 12” and packaged in rolls of 300.  They are offered in a re-usable plastic dispensing bucket.  In addition the company offers refillable stainless steel canisters that can be mounted, in a floor stand or simply placed free-standing.  PolyConversions also manufactures a “No Rinse” Spray & Wipe with an adjustable spray nozzle that targets “bio-load” accumulation on hard-to-reach work surface areas.

VR™ Lightweight Reusable Disposable Gloves

vrgloves_polycoPolyConversions Inc. now offers VR gloves as a part of their line of
protective apparel. As with other PolyCo VR products, the gloves are
odorless, vinyl free and latex free.
VR gloves feature an elastic elbow length cuff providing impervious
puncture and cold-crack resistant protection. The gloves are
lightweight, reusable and disposable. VR gloves have been clinically
tested to offer resistance to chemicals such as nitric, sulfuric,
hydrochloric, and hydrofluoric acids. Independent tests have
demonstrated that the gloves meet Class 100 clean room specifications.

VR™ Grommet Aprons

gaprons_colorsAs with other PolyCo VR products, the aprons are odorless, vinyl free and
latex free.  VR Grommet Aprons are durable and comfortable, offering adjustable ties
for the neck and waist.  The aprons are odorless, non-toxic and resistant to
chemicals, acids, fats and oils. The grommet is also made of the
sustainable VR material, and the aprons are available in a variety of
colors, lengths and weights.   

VR™ Rainwear

rainsuit_polycoDurable VR Rainwear features a three piece detachable hood and offers a
comfortable fit with a light-weight design.  The suits are odorless, non-toxic and
resistant to chemicals, acids, fats and oils.  VR Rainwear is environmentally
sustainable and contains no toxic substances or plasticizers.

*VR™ is a proprietary odorless and 100 per cent vinyl free and latex
free product. VR provides impervious, puncture and cold-crack resistant
protection and has been scientifically designed to replace vinyl and
other traditional barrier materials and is manufactured in the U.S.  VR
is environmentally friendly and contains no toxic substances or
plasticizers.  The material can be land filled or incinerated without
harm to the environment. 

VR replaces made of vinyl and other traditional materials intended to
safeguard clean room and non-clean room employees from potential
chemical or bio-hazard contamination.  While approved for direct food
contact, VR has also been clinically tested to offer far superior
resistance to chemicals such as nitric, sulfuric, hydrochloric, and
hydrofluoric acids.

VR protective wear consists of lightweight garments for use in
contamination control in the food processing, industrial and medical
industries.  The VR line of protective wear includes Aprons, Sleeves,
Gowns, Gloves, Boot Covers, Shoe Covers, Rain Wear Overalls and Jackets.


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