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newprodpolymairPOLYMAIR is a heat recuperator air exchanger made of 100 per cent
polymer that is resistant to the corrosive conditions found in poultry
barns, such as high humidity and dust.

The exchanger was developed by the Research and Development Institute for the Agri-Environment (IRDA) in partnership with Quebec-based plastics specialist Groupe PolyAlto.  Groupe PolyAlto is the fabricator of POLYMAIR and sole distributor.  

The heat recuperator air exchanger POLYMAIR is an effective way to reduce venti-lation costs during winter and improve the environment inside poultry barns. During winter, 72 to 91 per cent of heat loss or energetic expense in a broiler breeder barn is associated with ventilation.


The POLYMAIR allows a heat transition between two-air circuits counter-currently.

A volume of air from outside enters the exchanger.  At the same time, a volume of air from inside the building enters the side of the exchanger, where it circulated around the rib tubings within the unit.  Cold air inside the tubings heats up and exits the end of the POLYMAIR into the building warm and dry. The humid and dustry air from the building is expelled outside.

•    Size: 3 x 0.9 x 0.8 metres
•    The unit has two axial fans, one for the heating circuit (air from inside the building) and another for the cooling circuit (fresh air from outside the building)
•    Theoretical discharge of 0 to 700 litres per second (0-1500 cube per feet/minute)
•    No defrosting cycle necessary
•    Accessible core for easy cleaning
•    Thermal efficiency of 45 to 55 per cent

For more information, contact Donald Cyr at 800-463-4710.

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