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By Ziggity Systems Inc.   

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Ziggity Systems, Inc. is developing a new system that allows a poultry farmer to adjust the pressure at every regulator in the poultry barn equally and at the same time. Producers will be able to retrofit the Pressure Pro system onto any Ziggity floor watering system at minimal cost.

Poultry barns typically have four or more regulators that the producer must adjust about twice a week to provide appropriate water pressure as the flock matures. This involves the producer bending over and reaching under each regulator to turn the adjustment knob. Pressure Pro makes that chore obsolete and allows a producer to make the changes for an entire barn simply by turning the handle on a single winch.

With the Pressure Pro system, the regulator is attached to a mechanical arm that can move up and down. A flexible hose links the regulator to the water line. A series of cables and pulleys form a winch system that raises every regulator the same height with the turn of the winch handle.


As the regulator is raised above the watering line, the force of gravity increases the pressure in the water line. The higher the regulator is raised, the higher the water pressure in the line. At the end of the grow out, simply lowering the regulators returns water pressure to the starting pressure.



The new Pressure Pro system.  On the bottom left, the system is elevated.  The system features a mechanical arm on each regulator that can move up and down with a single winch, allowing producers to elevate the regulators all at the same time.  

The key benefits of Pressure Pro are:

-Reduced labour over the course of the grow out.
-Producers can ensure that all regulators in the barn have the correct pressure setting.
-Producers no longer have to make as many adjustments to the regulator, which may yield a longer service life.
-Because it's easy to do, it's easier for producers to ensure they make the semi-weekly pressure adjustments properly. This helps assure the birds receive water at the appropriate pressure for maintaining dry litter.
-There is little that can malfunction with Pressure Pro. No expensive air compressors are needed, and there are no airlines that can rupture if the water condensation low points freeze in cold weather.
-Installing Pressure Pro does not require any other changes to the watering system or its components.
-Producers can retrofit Pressure Pro to all existing Ziggity floor watering systems.
-Ziggity will offer Pressure Pro fittings for Ace, Big Ace and Big Z watering systems.
-Ziggity will make Pressure Pro available soon (fall of 2009).

For more information, write Ziggity Systems, Inc. at 101 Industrial Parkway, P.O. Box 1169, Middlebury, Indiana 46540-1169 USA, call 574-825-5849, fax 574-825-7674, or visit

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