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PSA Announces New Fellows and Winners

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PSA announces new fellows and winners
The Poultry Science Association has announced its list of annual awardees, including five new PSA Fellows. The awards will be given at the PSA 2010 Annual Meeting in Denver next month.

June 25, 2010 – The Poultry Science Association (PSA) has announced its list of annual awardees, including five new PSA Fellows. The awards will be given at the PSA 2010 Annual Meeting in Denver next month.


The PSA's 99th annual meeting is scheduled to be held in Denver, July 11-15, and will be conducted jointly with the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS), the American Dairy Science Association® (ADSA®), the Canadian Society of Animal Science (CSAS), and the Asociación Mexicana de Producción Animal (AMPA).

PSA’s program at the four-day joint meeting will include the presentation and discussion of several hundred scientific papers authored by PSA members. In addition, PSA will host a PSA Emerging Issues Symposium, “Social Sustainability of Egg Production,” chaired by Dr. Joy Mench, University of California at Davis , and a World Poultry Science Association (WPSA) Lecture, chaired by Dr. Billy Hargis of the University of Arkansas . The WPSA lecture, “Poultry production: Current and future challenges and opportunities,” will be presented by Prof. M. Hafez, Institute of Poultry Diseases , Free University of Berlin, Germany.

PSA’s honorees will receive their awards at an evening banquet held in their honor on July 14. Said PSA President Dr. Sally Noll: “Once again we have a very impressive group of awardees who, individually and collectively, represent the very best and brightest in poultry. We are delighted to have this opportunity to recognize and thank each of them for their dedication to advancing our understanding of poultry science, and for helping to apply this knowledge to industry practices.”

A detailed description of the awards and award winners will be posted on PSA’s website ( ) following the annual meeting.

Newly Elected Fellows of the Poultry Science Association

Being named a Fellow is the highest honor that PSA can bestow. The status of Fellow recognizes members of the Poultry Science Association for professional distinction and contributions to the field of poultry science without concern to longevity. This year’s new Poultry Science Association Fellows are:

  • Murray R. Bakst, Ph.D. (USDA/ARS – Beltsville, MD)
  • Henry M. Engster, Ph.D. (Perdue Farms)
  • Andrew F. Giesen III, Ph.D. (Novus International)
  • Muquarrab A. Qureshi, Ph.D. (USDA/CSREES – Washington , DC )
  • Paul L. Ruszler, Sr., Ph.D. ( Virginia Tech University )

Awards and Honors

  • American Egg Board Research Award – Kurt Lawrence, Ph.D. (USDA/ARS – Athens , GA )
  • American Feed Industry Association Poultry Nutrition Research Award – L. Lee Southern, Ph.D. (LSU Agricultural Center)
  • American Poultry Historical Society Award – Nickolas G. Zimmermann, Ph.D. ( University of Maryland )
  • Aviagen Turkeys Communications Award – TBA at the banquet.
  • Embrex Fundamental Science Award – Wayne J. Kuenzel, Ph.D. (University of Arkansas)
  • Evonik Degussa Award for Achievement in Poultry Science – Olayiwola Adeola, Ph.D (Purdue University )
  • Frank Perdue Live Poultry Food Safety Award – Charles Hofacre, DVM, Ph.D. ( University of Georgia )
  • Hy-Line International Research Award – Huaijun Zhou, Ph.D. ( Texas A&M University )
  • Maurice Stein Fellowship Award – Byungyoon Jung, Ph.D. ( University of Georgia )
  • Merial Distinguished Poultry Industry Award – James H. Denton, Ph.D. ( University of Arkansas )
  • National Chicken Council Broiler Research Award – Amy Batal, Ph.D. ( University of Georgia )
  • National Turkey Federation – Geraldine R. Huff, Ph.D. ( University of Arkansas )
  • Novus International Inc. Teaching Award – Dennis Ingram, Ph.D. (Louisiana State University )
  • Phibro Extension Award – R. Michael Hulet, Ph.D. ( Penn State University )
  • Poultry Welfare Research Award – Patricia Y. Hester, Ph.D. ( Purdue University )
  • PSA Early Achievement Award for Extension – Darrin Karcher, Ph.D. ( Michigan State University )
  • PSA Early Achievement Award for Industry – Benjamin Wood, Ph.D. (Hybrid Turkeys )
  • PSA Early Achievement Award for Research – Rami A. Dalloul, Ph.D. (Virginia Tech University)
  • PSA Early Achievement Award for Teaching – Robert B. Beckstead, Ph.D. ( University of Georgia )
  • Tyson Foods Support Personnel Award – Jesse J. Lyons ( University of Missouri )

Student Research Awards

Alltech Student Research Manuscript Award – Benjamin Dorshorst ( North Carolina State University )

The winners of Student Research Certificates of Excellence (for graduate students) and Student Research Paper Certificates of Participation(for undergraduates) will be announced at the Awards Banquet.

2011 PSA Annual Meeting

PSA will hold its 100th Annual Meeting next year in St. Louis , July 16-19. The meeting will be held jointly with the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Association of Avian Pathologists (AAAP).

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